2021 Spring Exhibition > David Folk

My background mainly focuses on ink illustration and comic storytelling. My goal with telling a comic story is to use less text and have the drawings continue the story. My biggest inspiration was cartoonist Jeff Smith, who independently created the Bone series. Since age 12, I continued drawing comics, hoping to one day complete several one-shot graphic novels.

After college graduation, I want to draw many stories while working as a freelance illustrator. My most ambitious project, that I am still working on today, is Hunt Dogs. I want to continue seeing how much my idea can grow during my illustration career. My favorite style is using the G-pen on paper, just like my favorite mangaka artists would use. The G-pen is a bold ink tool that can have varying pen-pressure strength. Despite it being an actual metal nib, I have preferred using the “Real G-pen” on Clip Studio Paint. I do mainly work digitally, it speeds the process of working and organizing a story. I previously had experience illustrating a children's book before as a job, but my dream job is to be a freelance illustrator, preferably an inker for a comic book company.

Hunt Dogs
Hunt Dogs
Digital Comic Illustration
21.59 X 27.94 cm

Link To read: drive.google.com/file/d/1qux_EmHeGuW7lH…

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To contact me: roadruntstudios@gmail.com