2020 Spring Exhibition > Collin Baker

Please note that this artwork contains explicit and erotic content and may be inappropriate for some audiences. You must be 18+ or have permission of your parent or guardian to view this work.

Sex, Art, and Connecting With People.
Collin Baker 2020.

I draw porn. I draw lots of porn. If I had to guess I would say that almost ninety percent of the art I create is porn. I want to be clear too, I don’t just mean that it contains nudity or that it is somehow provocative, I make art with the explicit intent of people getting off to it. There may be other elements and messages I try to work in. I like the idea of playing with body types in my work and sexualizing figures that are often overlooked in mainstream media, I have had a lot of fun especially when trying to depict people of different Gender or Sexual orientations. Make no mistake though, at the end of the day all that can take a back seat to what I really want, which is for people to get off. The obvious question to ask is what I get from this, and I can assure you up front that I don’t get off to the art I draw. The thing I seek is more personal.
Sex, it is safe to say, is an incredibly intimate and personal endeavor. You will never be physically closer to another human being than when you are inside them, or when you have another person inside you. We put up barriers around sex in part for that reason. As a society we have agreed that it is inappropriate to look at or participate in sex at certain times, in certain areas, or to do it for money. It is embarrassing and awkward to discuss sex even with your closest friends, and there can be legal ramifications for bringing sex up in the workplace. We go through great lengths to separate sex from the rest of our lives.
Online it is safe to explore sex though, and it is there that I can make porn for niche and mostly online communities. I like to have the subjects of my art looking back at the viewer when I can, because I want the audience to connect to the subject. Not only that, I want the person looking at my work to feel as though the subject is trying to connect to them in a sexual manner. I don’t want the viewer to feel as though they are just getting to see a subject in an intimate moment, I want them to feel as though they have been invited to share in that intimate moment, to be a part of it.
I want to connect to people. I am connected to my art by nature of being the person to create it, and when others can connect to it even if only for a moment, it feels as though I have reached out to share a deeply intimate experience with someone. I sometimes get the pleasure of talking about sex and sexuality with people who follow me online and commission me. We are two complete strangers, but I can feel connected to them in a way that some of the people in their day to day lives never will. I have talked to people and learned things about them that some of their friends, maybe even some of their partners, don’t even know. Drawing porn and sharing it allows me to reach out and connect to other people in a world that can sometimes feel increasingly isolated and lonely.